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Christopher Lynn, PhD

Faculty Member

Center for Neurocomputation and Machine Intelligence

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Statistical physics of the brain

Chris Lynn's research studies the statistical mechanics of the brain (and other complex living systems) to answer the driving question: How do microscopic interactions build upon one another to produce macroscopic behaviors and process information? To understand how large-scale phenomena emerge from fine-scale interactions, Lynn and his team build upon an interdisciplinary set of ideas from statistical physics, information theory, and network science. Using these insights, they investigate how collective patterns of activity and structure arise in neural systems and study how these patterns encode, communicate, and compress information.




Chris Lynn received his undergraduate degrees in Physics and Mathematics from Swarthmore College and his PhD in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Pennsylvania. He joined Yale's Department of Physics and the Quantitative Biology Institute in 2024. Outside the office, you'll likely find Chris playing soccer, listening to music, debating about the NBA, or playing board games with friends.