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Alicia Che

Alicia Che, PhD

Faculty Member

Center for Neurodevelopment and Plasticity

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Circuit function across lifespan

The Che Lab aims to understand how early life experiences, such as sensory inputs, social bonding, stress and substance exposure, impact brain circuit assembly and mature brain function. They apply a multidimensional approach to elucidate the effects and consequences of early life experiences from neonates to adults, assessing transcriptional, circuit, network activity, and behavioral changes across our lifespan. Understanding the developmental trajectories following early life experiences holds the key to deciphering the building blocks of cognition and unlocking human potential.




Alicia Che Received her BS in Biology, Physics, and Physical Chemistry from Pacific Lutheran University in 2009 and her PhD in Physiology and Neurobiology from the University of Connecticut in 2014. She then completed postdoctoral training at Weill Cornell Medical College and NYU Langone Medical Center. In 2021, she joined the Department of Psychiatry at Yale as an Assistant Professor. She is also the Director of Graduate Admissions for the Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program (INP) at Yale.