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The Wu Tsai Institute is a new model for neuroscience research. Its joint academic and administrative leadership work as a team, in close collaboration with talented faculty and staff and with advisory bodies of internal and external stakeholders. Together they foster and champion research that is accelerating our understanding of human cognition.

Institute Directors

The Wu Tsai Institute is a university-wide organization that spans multiple Yale schools and departments and that covers a broad range of scientific disciplines that contribute to our mission. This breadth is reflected in the leadership team, consisting of an overall Institute Director (Nick Turk-Browne), Associate Directors who each direct one of the Centers (Daniel Colón-Ramos, John Lafferty), and a Managing Director (Kelley Remole).

Institute Committees

The scale and ambition of the Wu Tsai Institute requires ideas and contributions from thought leaders throughout Yale and beyond. A Steering Committee of Deans, Chairs, and at-large faculty provides guidance and oversight, and helps disseminate information to our many constituent communities. A world-class External Advisory Board offers outside counsel and shares experience from peer institutions. Additional faculty committees within the Institute provide representation, transparency, and engagement on many Institute programs and activities, including a Hiring Committee, Membership Committee, Award Committees, and several working groups and interest areas. The voices of trainees are heard through the Student and Postdoc Committee.

Steering Committee

Jutta Joormann, Co-chair

Stephen Strittmatter, Co-chair

Amy Arnsten, At-large

Abhishek Bhattacharjee, At-large

Jeffrey Brock, Ex officio

John Carlson, At-large

Joseph Chang, , Ex officio

Daniel Colón-Ramos

Michael Crair, Ex officio

James Duncan, Ex officio

Anna Gilbert, At-large

Larry Gladney, Ex officio

Murat Gunel, Ex officio

David Hafler, Ex officio

Scott Holley, Ex officio

Anthony Koleske, Ex officio

John Krystal, Ex officio

John Lafferty

Linda Mayes, Ex officio

Gregory McCarthy, At-large

Marina Picciotto, At-large

Kenneth Scheve, Ex officio

Zhong Shao, Ex officio

Dan Spielman, Ex officio

Nick Turk-Browne

External Advisory Board

Jonathan Cohen, Princeton University

James DiCarlo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Leslie Greengard, New York University and Flatiron Institute

Carla Shatz, Stanford University

Daphna Shohamy, Columbia University

Hiring Committee

Nick Turk-Browne, Professor of Psychology, Chair

Nii Addy, Associate Professor of Psychiatry 

Amy Arnsten, Professor of Neuroscience 

Damon Clark, Associate Professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology 

Daniel Colón-Ramos, Professor of Neuroscience and Cell Biology 

Elizabeth Goldfarb, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry 

Julian Jara-Ettinger, Assistant Professor of Psychology 

Smita Krishnaswamy, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Genetics 

John Lafferty, Professor of Statistics and Data Science 

Ifat Levy, Professor of Comparative Medicine 

Rajit Manohar, Professor of Electrical Engineering 

John Murray, Associate Professor of Psychiatry 

Priya Panda, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering 

Student and Postdoc Committee

Gustavo Madeira Santana, Co-chair

Sara Sanchez-Alonso, Co-chair

Sheri Dawoon Choi 

Evyn Dickinson 

Leah Harmon 

Violet Kimble 

Yuexuan Li 

Pablo Munoz LLancao 

Lam Vo 

Tristan Yates