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Ira Hall, PhD

Faculty Member

Center for Neurocomputation and Machine Intelligence

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New technologies to understand human genomes

The Hall Lab conducts research in the area of human genetics and genomics and is currently focused on three general activities: (1) developing new computational methods to map and interpret human genome variation, leveraging recent advances in DNA sequencing and deep learning; (2) mapping the landscape of genome variation in diverse human populations to understand evolution and enable new biomedical applications; and (3) analyzing population-scale genetic datasets to identify genes that contribution to human phenotypic variation and disease, including traits that affect mental health, behavior, and cognition.




Ira Hall received a BA in integrative biology from UC Berkeley (1998) and became fascinated with genetics while working as a technician in Sarah Hake’s maize genetics group after college (1998-2000). He received his PhD from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (2003) and launched his independent research career there as a CSHL Fellow (2004-2007). After serving on the faculty of the University of Virginia (2007-2014) and Washington University in St. Louis (2014-2020), Hall moved to Yale in 2020 to lead the Center for Genomic Health. Over the years, Hall’s lab has developed a number of widely used computational methods and led diverse genome-wide studies of human variation in the context of global populations, complex traits, inherited diseases, stem cell lineages, and single neurons.