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Irina Esterlis

Irina Esterlis, PhD

Faculty Member

Center for Neurodevelopment and Plasticity

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Pathophysiology of mood and trauma disorders

I use multimodal imaging (PET, MRI, MRS, and EEG) and mood and cognitive assessments to evaluate the neuropathophysiology of mood and trauma disorders. The ultimate goal is to identify endophenotypes associates with certain molecular targets to aid with faster diagnosis and more efficacious treatments, and thus reduce and maybe prevent progression of the disorder and suffering.




I hold a PhD is clinical neuropsychology, with earlier degrees in psychology and art. I am an associate professor at Yale; previous to this I had some other unique experiences including dance instruction. I love to bake and cook and feed people, run and dance with my husband, and hang out with my kids (watch movies, make art, swim, chit chat). I don't recall a time I was not academically oriented - I love academia and constant learning, as well as outside experiences.