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Jutta Joorman portrait

Jutta Joormann, PhD

Faculty Member

Center for Neurocognition and Behavior

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Cognition-emotion interactions

The Affect Regulation and Cognition Lab aims to gain a better understanding of how basic cognitive processes and individual differences in emotion and mood regulation increase the risk for the onset of depression and anxiety disorders and hinder recovery from these disorders. Their main areas of interest include the identification of cognitive risk factors for depression, research on the comorbidity of anxiety and depression, and research on emotion regulation. Current work examines attention, memory, and individual differences in cognitive control in depression and investigates how these processes are linked to rumination and other forms of adaptive and maladaptive emotion regulation. The lab integrates a multitude of measures, including cognitive tasks, psychophysiological measures of stress reactivity and emotion regulation, neuroendocrine assessments, and brain imaging.




Jutta Joormann received her PhD in Psychology from the Free University in Berlin, Germany. After working at Stanford University, the University of Miami, and Northwestern, she joined Yale University in 2014, where she currently directs the Affect Regulation and Cognition Lab.