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Kartik Pattabiraman, PhD

Faculty Member

Center for Neurodevelopment and Plasticity

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Understanding how circuits involved in cognition assemble

The Pattabiraman laboratory is focused on understanding mechanisms involved in the assembly of circuits essential for human cognition using developmental and evolutionary approaches. This includes working to directly link human-specific genomic changes to human-specific changes in brain connectivity using epigenetic editing and transgenic mouse models. Furthermore, his laboratory works to generate novel mouse-based tools to characterize and modulate the circuits of cognition during critical perinatal and postnatal windows of assembly and refinement. Their long-term goal is to create circuit-based approaches to address disorders affecting cognition through interdisciplinary collaborations.




Kartik Pattabiraman is an assistant professor at the Yale Child Study Center. He completed his MD and PhD at UCSF. Afterward, he joined Yale University in 2016 for his clinical training in adult and child psychiatry and a postdoctoral fellowship at Yale University. His lab focuses on understanding how brain circuits assemble using neurodevelopmental and evolutionary perspectives. He enjoys spending time with his family, collecting sneakers, and following the Jacksonville Jaguars.