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Murat Gunel, MD

Faculty Member

Center for Neurocognition and Behavior | Center for Neurocomputation and Machine Intelligence | Center for Neurodevelopment and Plasticity

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Biology of neurodevelopmental and neurovascular diseases

Dr. Gunel’s research interest focuses on gene discovery in the human brain's diseases, including its development, vascular disease, and tumors. Dr. Gunel applies the next-generation genomic technologies to study the genetic and epigenetic causes of brain and central nervous system tumors, focusing on meningiomas with various histological and pathological grades. Gunel lab currently has over 4,000 tissue samples and primary cell cultures from a variety of tumors, ascertained based on a large number of national and international collaborations. Gunel lab integrates multilevel approaches including whole exome and whole genome sequencing, molecular inversion probe sequencing (MIPS), whole genome genotyping, array-based gene expression, RNA sequencing, whole genome methylation, and chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing (ChIP-seq), followed by downstream biological studies to analyze these tumors comprehensively.


Dr. Murat Gunel is Nixdorff-German Professor of Neurosurgery, Professor of Neurobiology and Genetics, and Chairman of the Neurosurgery Department. He also serves as co-director of the Yale Program on Neurogenetics. Among several initiatives Dr. Gunel has led, the ongoing Yale Center for Mendelian Genomics has spearheaded an unparalleled genomics facility at Yale, which has been serving through Yale Center for Genomic Analysis the genomic needs of Yale and outside Yale community over the years.