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Ruslan Medzhitov, PhD

Faculty Member

Center for Neurocomputation and Machine Intelligence | Center for Neurodevelopment and Plasticity

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Neuro-immune interactions, inflammation and behavior, biology of sensory systems

Medzhitov's research interests include the principles of neuro-immune communications: the functional relations between immune and neuronal sensory pathways, mechanisms of neuronal control of inflammation and immunity, and the impact of inflammation on behavior. In particular, he is interested in defensive behaviors that complement immune defenses against pathogens and toxins. In addition, he is interested in parallels and differences in computations performed by the immune and nervous systems.




Ruslan Medzhitov received his PhD in biochemistry from Moscow State University in 1993. He completed his postdoctoral studies at Yale Medical School in 1999 and then joined Yale faculty at the Department of Immunobiology. His research focus is on immune systems and neuro-immune interactions.