Innovation Grants

The Innovation Grants program seeks to stimulate multi-disciplinary research to advance the understanding of human cognition and explore human potential through ambitious, high risk/reward projects conducted by Yale investigators. Each funding cycle is concentrated around a theme that captures current WTI priorities in concert with the community. The theme for 2022 is Integration.

Self and Society Initiative

Scientists and clinicians join those who work in philosophy, law, and economics to build bridges between the science of the brain and a wide range of ethical and policy issues. Under the auspices of the Wu Tsai Institute, the Self and Society Initiative supports and develops empirical and clinically sourced explorations of the way the brain realizes the mind.

Integration Conference

On January 11, 2022, Yale researchers came together for virtual talks by WTI faculty about current and future interdisciplinary research to advance the understanding of human cognition. Under the theme of “Integration,” presentations illuminated and fostererd collaborative research, bridging neuroscience data and theories across scales, techniques, species, and fields.


We are creating opportunities for students to participate in research as Wu Tsai Undergraduate Scholars, spending the summer in lab as they explore their interests, gain cutting-edge skills, and are inspired by the process of discovery.

Grad Students

Graduate Fellows enrich the Institute community through their affiliation with diverse graduate programs at Yale. Fellows benefit from the time and resources to cross departmental boundaries as they train and pursue their research interests.



We recruit and support outstanding and diverse scientists as Wu Tsai Postdoctoral Fellows who receive the freedom, resources, and mentorship to bridge across fields and techniques to drive interdisciplinary breakthroughs.


Yale faculty who join the Institute are united in their research interests related to the mind and brain. Members come from departments and schools across the university. Members benefit from access to funding opportunities, special interdisciplinary events, and enhanced visibility. Calls for new members occur throughout the year.